When Do Girls Stop Growing Taller?

by Paul on July 15, 2012

It’s noticeable as people develop that often, girls are taller than boys in childhood and sometimes in their early teens, but boys eventually grow to be taller during their late teens and into adulthood. Some of the reasons for this are the fact that girls often mature earlier than boys, and that a girl’s growth may slow at an earlier age than boys. The growth plates, which can be found at the ends of the long bones in the legs, are also part of what allows a person to grow. When they start to fuse, growth slows and eventually stops in that area of the body. The fusion of growth plates for girls has been observed around age 18, while fusion for boys happens at around age 24. Genetics are also a key factor in growth. The height patterns of a child can often be traced in the height of one or both parents.

girls growing taller

People never actually stop growing taller. Girls may slow in growth earlier than boys, but the body can still grow with the right conditions.

Most growth in human beings happens during puberty. Puberty is when hormones work most actively in the body. It’s been observed that a boy’s puberty is often later than a girl’s, and growth in boys are slower and last much longer than in girls, which is why boys often exceed girls in height in adulthood. Girls grow faster and earlier than boys, and often stop growing earlier too. Although the lack of any growth past puberty has been a common problem for many girls, it isn’t impossible to gain another few inches even after that.

For any and all girls, it helps to keep up a certain type of healthy lifestyle in order to grow. Stimulating growth during puberty is the most effective time for it, since going past puberty, it gets harder for the body to produce as many growth hormones. There are many ways to stimulate growth during puberty, and the most natural ones can help the process along without hindering it.

The most basic ways to grow taller are in how you sleep, eat, and generally, how you act. Your body needs balance in order to run at its full capacity, meaning you need the right amount of sleep, the right kinds of food, and the right kind of activity to grow.

Sleeping right is one of the best ways of getting to grow. Around 90% of the body’s growth happens in sleep. This is when the growth hormones, which facilitate the body’s growth and development, are actively working on the rest of the body. It’s always good to have around eight or nine hours of sleep a day when you’re a teenager, best done in one sleep and not in a number of smaller sleeps scattered across twenty-four hours. The body grows best in deep sleep, which is harder to come by when your slumbers are short.

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Another thing to remember about sleep is that it has to happen regularly, at a scheduled pace. Messing up your sleeping hours, sleeping later than you did the day before, can confuse your body and hinder the growth process.

While sleeping, certain sleeping postures can be applied to maximize growth. It is, of course, important to sleep how you’re most comfortable, but trying out these positions may maximize growth in sleep:

Sleeping stretched out is said to be the best posture for sleep, since it gives space for bones to grow. Curling up in sleep purportedly doesn’t help growth since it constricts some areas of the body. Stretching out also makes circulation easier on the body, so growth hormones that ride on the bloodstream can get around faster. It’s also good to note that sleeping with your body as aligned as possible can help growth. Sleeping with a pillow that’s too big may put strain on your neck, so only the slightest elevation should be put on the head. Lastly, it’s important to use bed that isn’t too hard, but firm enough to support the body properly. A bed that’s too soft may sink and cause the spine to curl a little and cause an unequal distribution of weight, which is not good for growth.

Another part of growing is in the diet. Certain nutrients in certain foods can either stimulate or hinder growth, and it’s important to know which foods can help and hurt the process of growing.

The most commonly mentioned nutrients that stimulate growth are protein and calcium. Protein helps muscle growth and helps the production of tissue, which is what goes into the cartilage in the spine to make it grow longer. Calcium increases bone mass and strengthens the bones for better support and steady growth.

One of the more common nutrients that hinder growth is the carbohydrate. Carbohydrates aid in muscle growth but not in height increase. If your goal is to grow taller, fewer carbohydrates should be taken in. It’s important to remember that not eating carbohydrates is very unhealthy, so you should only limit your intake moderately.

Proper activity in the body, meaning exercise, is another way to stimulate growth. Certain exercises which stretch the spine and loosen the knees help with flexibility and makes circulation easier for maximum growth.

Spinal stretches with yoga and bent knee raises, as well as other flexibility exercises and stretches, will allow maximum circulation and allow the body to grow. These exercises also prevent stiffening and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Following all these techniques, especially during puberty, can help a person grow naturally and at the best time for growth to happen. Even if growth seems to slow down after this part of your life, the same natural methods can still be utilized as long as you want to earn a few inches and keep healthy while doing it.

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