The Issue of Height

by Paul on June 6, 2012

How To Grow TallerHeight has always been a big issue in our society, now and even in ancient cultures. Men and women, boys and girls, have always been fascinated with height being a sign of power and physical dominance; of capability and success. Heightism is the term used for height discrimination which is rampant today, albeit tolerated by society. The issue of heightism permeates every facet of our society in personal relationships, in the workplace, in business, in sports, in and in politics, and in cultures among others.

In personal relationships, women were hard wired to perceiving height as a “masculine” characteristic that they find very appealing and sexy. In evolutionary terms, taller men are more capable of providing protection for their offspring and making their women feel protected and more feminine. The shorter men are usually not chosen to be mates.

In the workplace, it has been proven in experiments that taller men earn more than shorter men. In a study made by the University of North Carolina and the University of Florida, it was revealed that for every inch in height difference from one man to another, the taller man earns an additional $789 annual pay on the average. Further studies revealed that taller Masters in Business Administration graduates get a 12% higher starting salary than their shorter counterparts.

In sports, the promoter prefers the taller and bigger athlete who is perceived to have an advantage in strength and reach. Shorter athletes, whose careers get shorter with due to this myth, are forced to turn to growth hormones and steroids to help them grow taller.

In some continents like Asia, shorter people are considered unattractive that they resort to cosmetic surgery and enhancement with body mutilations to become taller.

Height discrimination is also evident in politics. Analysis illustrates that between 1904 to1984, all US Presidents elected except for 2 shorter candidates were taller than average candidates.

Going Gaga Over Height

It is no wonder everybody is going gaga over height, wanting to gain more of it, willing to try pills and growth hormones, willing to undergo surgery, willing to spend money on books and exercise equipment to get that much-coveted increase in stature. Below are some of the questions one would normally ask to gain height stature and we will try to address each question in the course of our discussion.

  • Why am I as tall as I am?
  • Is there hope for my height to increase after puberty? How?

Why am I as tall as I am?

You are as tall as you are due to a combination of factors like heredity, nutrition throughout growth, prenatal environment, growth hormones, sleep, age, and posture.

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  • Posture To Grow TallerGenetics is the main factor that determines height. An individual is usually as tall as one of his or her parents or both but not in all cases. You are predisposed to be tall when your genetic make-up dictates the same qualities.
  • Good nutrition is one of the primary factors to growth. The body is able to reach its potential when proper diet of vitamins, minerals and other essentials are present in it to effect proper body functions for growth. Nutritious foods result in taller heights just as malnutrition results in a shorter stature. It is during childhood and puberty when growing is at its peak that good nutrition can have a great impact on height.
  • Prenatal environment is another determinant of height. A mother with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition during pregnancy will provide the best environmental factors for a taller baby. If a pregnant mother smokes, drinks, and gets inadequate nutrition, the baby will be born with a low birth weight and will likely be shorter.
  • Human Growth Hormones (HGH) are produced in the pituitary gland and are responsible for an individual’s growth. The more HGH is produced in the body, the taller a person is. Puberty is the peak of growth hormone production hence, this is the spurt growth stage. Through age, the amount of HGH produced by the body decreases accounting for the halt in height increase in the latter years.
  • Sleep is essential for growth since it is during sleep that growth hormones do their work and effectively function. Lack of sleep on the other hand will result in low HGH production.
  • Posture is another important factor of height increase. Good posture results in a balanced muscle and bone system resulting in the spinal column’s stretching for additional height.

Is there hope for me to grow in height even after puberty?

After puberty, the interplay of genes, hormones, and nutrients reaches its peak. When this happens, the body is ready for reproduction and the purpose of growth is complete. Therefore, growth slows to a halt. All is not lost. However, there is still a way to stretch your height to its maximum.

To reach your full height potential, you need to:

  • Eat a nutritious and balanced diet
  • Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day
  • Do stretching exercises regularly and religiously
  • Do advanced exercises for height increase
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Maintain correct posture

Stretching exercises help expand your body and bones for more height. When done regularly together with the healthy habits cited above, a minimal height increase of about 2 inches can be expected.

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