Surgery To Make You Taller

by Paul on July 22, 2012

Should You Undergo Limb Lengthening or Not?

surgery to make you taller

Stretch: An X-ray of the operation shows how the stainless steel rods are kept in place

In these modern times, height plays a major role in how people respect others. Taller people are often provided with more respect than those who are of short stature. Most of the times, taller people are also more advantageous when it comes to social interactions, because their self confidence is better compared to those who are shorter than them. This is why more and more individuals on the short side are looking for ways to grow taller, and sometimes, they even resort to surgery just to achieve their desired increase in height.

There are many natural ways to get taller. However, some short people do not have the time to wait for their desired results as the results of some of the ways to get taller naturally take some time to appear. This is one of the main reasons as to why those who need to achieve an increase in height as quickly as possible resort to surgeries that are designed to make them taller. If you are one of these people, then you might be considering undergoing surgery to make you taller.

If you are planning to undergo surgery to make you taller, it is essential that you understand that these are invasive surgeries we are talking about. Surgeries always come with different risks, so make sure that you come to a complete understanding of what these risks are. Also, surgeries are painful and these take a long period of recuperation time. This is why you should take a closer look at how it is performed and the drawbacks that you should be aware of.

History of Height Increasing Surgeries

The method of height increasing surgery has first been used a few decades ago in Russia. However, this medical procedure has been popularized by the country of China. Before it was used as a way to increase height, this surgery was actually performed to correct deformities in the legs as well as a treatment for the medical condition dwarfism. From this, a huge number of Chinese people who were on the short side opted to undergo this surgery in order for them to achieve an increase in height.

As discussed above, this limb lengthening surgery to make you taller was first performed in order to correct and treat deformities. Individuals who were suffering from distortion of leg bones as well as dwarfism most benefitted from these limb surgeries. And because correcting distorted leg bones provided a way for them to stand properly and taller, these medical procedures have now become a popular cosmetic method as well.

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Short people are not the only ones resorting to these medical limb lengthening procedures. People with average height are also undergoing these surgeries for them to achieve an increase in their height. Men and women alike have considered this procedure as one of the fastest ways to grow taller. However, as repeatedly mentioned above, if you want to undergo surgery to make you taller, you have to be prepared for the risks that come along with it.

How the Process of Height Increasing Surgery is Performed

The height increasing or limb lengthening surgery to make you taller is described my most people as a gruesome medical procedure. This is because the procedure involves your leg bones, or your tibia-fibula, being broken down in several positions. A metal device comprised of extendable rods (fixators) and two rings are then attached to the broken ends of your bones through your skin. This device includes screws that can be rotated in order to lengthen the extendable rods at regular intervals by several millimeters.

Your surgeon will instruct you on how you can rotate the screws on a daily basis in order for you to achieve the increase in height that you desire. Whenever the rotation of the screws is performed, the broken ends of your bones are allowed to drift apart in order for your bone to re-grow. The re-growth process of your bones takes place within the gaps. In about three months after you undergo this limb lengthening surgery to make you taller, the gap may already be completely filled. This results in you gaining an increase in your height.

The Major Drawbacks of Height Increasing Surgery

While undergoing the limb lengthening surgery to make you taller will allow you to achieve the height increase you so desire, the drawbacks of this medical procedure outweighs this advantage. This type of height increasing surgery is a very painful procedure. Aside from breaking down your healthy leg bones, it also involves other risky steps. The surgery itself is extremely painful, but the rotation that you need to perform daily adds up to this excruciating pain.

This means that you have to endure the pain that comes from the surgery itself plus the pain that comes from rotating the screws daily. Apart from this, the strengthening process that your bones will undergo for three more months or so is also very painful. After you undergo this surgery to make you taller, you should expect not to be able to perform your regular activities for a year or more.

Even if you are already desperate to achieve an increase in height, gaining the respect of your colleagues does not necessarily mean that you should undergo surgery to make you taller. There are several natural ways to grow taller that you should consider rather than undergoing this medical procedure. If you want to grow taller and stay healthy, then you should use the more natural methods to increase in height instead of having to bear the pain associated with the limb lengthening surgery.

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