Stretching Exercises To Increase Height

by Paul on July 16, 2012

For people who are looking for a less painful and more affordable solution to growing taller, stretching exercises to increase height are the ultimate solutions.  These have relatively lesser degree of pain compared to hormonal injections, and are way cheaper than Yoga or Pilates classes in your local gym.  In fact, majority of these exercises can be done in the comfort of your home without much equipment requirement.

Many do not realize that sometimes the simplest stretching exercises to increase height can be considered as some of the most effective and should never be ignored just because of their simplicity.  A word of caution however should be echoed because people sometimes focus on the quality and quantity of the exercises while forgetting one of the most important aspects of stretching exercises to increase height; doing them right.

To get maximum effect and desired results, here is how to do stretching exercises to increase height correctly.

Dry Land Swim

One of the most common stretching exercises to increase height, all you need is a concrete floor or a sturdy base that can support your weight adequately.

dry land swim

  • Begin by lying on your stomach and assume a swimming position.
  • Slowly lift one arm as if making a swimming stroke, but without allowing it to touch the ground.
  • Continue by raising the opposite leg in a controlled manner and holding the position for not less than five seconds before reverting to the original position.
  • Repeat the process with the other arm and the opposite leg.  Make sure that both arms and legs never touch the ground unless when going back to the original position.
  • Repeat at least five times per arm and leg pair for about three sets with minimal rest in between each set.  Gradually increase the holding time until you can comfortably do it in 20 seconds per position.

Pelvic Shift

As with all stretching exercises to increase height, the key to this exercise is to do the steps in a controlled manner while ensuring that you can continue to breathe properly and comfortably.

pelvic shift

  • Start by lying on your back with knees bent and as close to your back side as possible.  Make sure that you maintain a comfortable posture before beginning the routine.
  • The arms and shoulders must be completely flat on the floor or mat at all times during this exercise.
  • All strength must be focused on the pelvic region while you slowly thrust upward.  Be sure that the power to thrust should come from the pelvis and not the back or pressure from the arms.
  • Thrust as high as possible and hold the position for approximately 20 seconds before lowering your pelvis in a slow and controlled manner.
  • Repeat as many times as comfortable until the hold position can be increased up to 30 seconds.  The rest period between repetitions should not be longer than five seconds.

Chin-ups and Pull-ups

Considered as part of hanging exercises, these are known not only for their effectiveness in strengthening the shoulders, back, oblique, and arms, but also in maximizing the benefits of gravity.  Requiring only an adequate height bar, the exercises must be done interchangeably per day and with regularity to achieve the desired height gain.

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chin ups


  • Begin by grabbing the bar with an overhand grip.
  • Pull until your chin goes above the bar.  Make sure that as you pull, your body remains straight and relaxed with much of the work done by your arms and shoulders.  Hold for about five seconds.
  • Slowly lower your body until your arms and shoulders become fully extended.
  • Rest for no more than five seconds and repeat.  Do as many repetitions as comfortable.  Gradually increase the number of repetitions as you begin to feel stronger.

Close Grip Chin-ups

  • This innovation requires the use of parallel bars.  Begin by grabbing the parallel bars.
  • Pull the body up until the elbows reach your sides.  Make sure that the pull is done in a controlled fashion and the body remains straight at all times.  Hold for at least five seconds.
  • Slowly lower the body until the arms and shoulders reach full extension.
  • Rest for five seconds and repeat.  Do as many times as possible without feeling uncomfortable or uncontrollable pain.


  • Start by grabbing the bar using a wide overhand grip.
  • Pull the body to a level until the neck is the same height of your hands.  Ensure that the body remains straight and relaxed during the pull with the work concentrated on the arms and shoulders for maximum control.  Hold for five seconds.
  • Gradually lower the body until the arms and shoulders become fully extended.  Rest for five seconds and repeat.  Do as many repetitions as comfortable.  Slowly increase the number of repetitions as you begin to feel stronger.

Toe Touching

toe touching stretching exerciseWhen it comes to stretching exercises to increase height this is one of the oldest and most suitable for any age and health condition.  All you need is to have ample space around you to avoid hitting your head.

  • Begin by standing straight with the arms comfortably hanging by your sides.
  • Slowly bend from the waist and stretch your arms while attempting to reach your toes.  The legs must remain straight and reach only as far as you comfortably can to avoid injuries.  Hold the position for approximately five to ten seconds.
  • Gradually return to the starting position while keeping your legs straight.  Rest for five seconds.
  • Repeat the process ten times.  Slowly increase the number of repetitions until you reach 30.  Never overextend yourself and allow yourself to reach your toes in a normal manner.  When you can comfortably reach your toes in 30 repetitions, begin decreasing the rest intervals and increasing the holds.  Keep in mind that the longer you hold the stretch, the more effective the results will become.

These exercises may not look very strenuous, but they can be extremely effective when done correctly.  Just remember to maintain proper breathing, posture, and as relaxed as possible when doing every repetition of each exercise.

When extreme pain is experienced, stop, rest, and try to continue if possible.  Otherwise, consult a qualified health professional.  These stretching exercises to increase height can help you reach your desired results only if done properly and in a safe manner.

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