Lack of Exercise Can Make You Appear Shorter

by Paul on July 24, 2012

shorter or tallerA lot of individuals do not realize that they have performed their first ever posture exercise when they were still kids. If you are one of them, take time to recall hanging on to the monkey bars on the playground and bringing your legs up to your abdominal area. How about the time that you hung on to the bars of the circular circus while someone spun it around and around?

The more you played and ran around when you were still a kid actually had a significant effect on the coordination skills that you have developed and are still using today. While your young mind was not aware of this, the three things mentioned above that you thought were only child’s play are actually form of posture exercises.

What Happened To These Stretching Exercises You Performed As A Kid?

Now that you are already an adult past your toddler and puberty stage, you are now experiencing the burdens of the responsibilities that come with age. You might not enjoy the luxury of having a lot of time on your hands to go out, perform exercises, and experience the benefits that result from performing these regular exercises.

If you work for eight or more hours a day, then you probably do not have the time to take breaks because of your heavy workload. Did you know that sitting for long hours and not being able to exercise can result in you appearing shorter than what you really are? This is even worse for people who are on the short side as lack of exercise do not only lead to them looking shorter; they are also reducing their chances of becoming taller.

The Negative Effects of Lack of Exercise

One of the biggest negative effects that lack of exercise is loss of your body’s vitality. This causes your muscles to become weaker and smaller. Lack of exercise will also make the tone of your muscles appear as if they have had no definition to begin with. When you do not perform exercises, some of your muscles will become contracted and tight. Some muscles, because they are rarely used, will become lax and weak. This imbalance will start to take a toll on your overall health and well being.

These negative effects of lack of exercise are most evident in people who have desk jobs. The first month that you work with this type of job, you might think that your body is not being affected at all. However, every time that you slump down, you sit with the wrong posture, and you try to find the right angle of your head to see the computer monitor better, you are actually causing very small changes in some areas of your body.

These include the set points of your tendons, your ligaments, and your muscles. Whenever you make these changes and readjustments, you are causing your body to have a bad posture.

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The Height You Lose as The Effect of Lack of Exercise

Did you know that slumping has a great effect on your height? Slumping does not only reduce your chances of becoming taller; doing this all the time will also make you appear shorter than what you really are. Slumping and bad posture can result in you losing about half an inch on your height. On a worst case scenario, you can lose as much as 2 inches on your height.

What Should You Do To Bring Back The Posture Exercises You Did As A Kid?

The answer is very simple: sign up as a member in your local gym and start working out and performing posture exercises similar to what you did when you were still a kid. While these are not actually the same kind of exercises you did as a kid, these exercises have the same good and beneficial effects on your height as well as your overall health and well being.

Use Pec Fly Machine To Expand and Increase The Size Of Your Chest Muscles

pec fly machineOne good example of the right exercises you should perform is those that are done on Pec Fly machines. These machines are designed to expand and increase the size of your chest muscles, or your pectoralis.

While this is a good start for your regimen, if you are suffering from lack of exercise, you should first work on your chest area before you start strengthening your chest muscles. This is important as slumping results in the chest muscles collapsing as well as the back muscles lengthening. Make sure that you get these muscles back into shape first.

Straighten Up Your Back Using Exercise Balls

exercise ball stretch

As mentioned above, lack of exercise can cause your muscles to become smaller and weaker, thus; resulting in you appearing shorter than what you really are. Aside from this negative effect brought about by lack of exercise, your posture is also significantly affected. If you want to straighten up your back and develop a better posture, you should use the big exercise balls found in most gyms. Exercising with this type of equipment will help your back relax and feel better.

Improve Your Posture Using A Long Dowel

It is important that you understand that lack of exercise can also result in bad posture. This means that you are reducing your chances of getting taller. Bad posture also makes you appear a lot shorter than what your real height is. With this being said, you should develop a proper posture through performing the right posture-improving exercises.

One of these exercises can be done though the use of a long dowel. All you need to do is to hold on to the dowel with the same distance of your shoulders. Squeeze together your shoulder blades and perform a gentle twisting motion form side to side.

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