Is There Any Way To Get Taller?

by Paul on April 21, 2012

Is There Any Way To Grow TallerThe question of “is there any way to get taller” is more common than what most people think.  This is primarily because of the various factors that affect human growth.  Initially, genetics and hormones are the primary determining factors when it comes to the height of an individual.  These basic factors are further affected by the environment, stress, and other similar considerations that will come into play to determine human growth.

Science and medicine however have proven that there are possibilities when it comes to the concern of “is there any way to get taller” as seen on how pitchers, tennis players, or even football quarterbacks continue to grow one arm longer than the other despite being beyond their puberty years.  The key to exploring these possibilities is knowing how to take advantage of them to achieve your desired results.  Take into consideration the following.

Is There Any Way To Get Taller Naturally?

Yes there is.  The key is to observe proper diet to reach your maximum height potentials and then some.  This means avoiding junk foods which prevents your body from absorbing the proper amounts of calories, amino acids, protein, and calcium.  Depriving your body of these essential nutrients in your diet can lead to stunted growth even before you finish puberty.

It is important to realize that every person will experience growth spurts usually during puberty.  However, it has not been entirely unheard of that some people start growing taller even before they hit puberty.  This is primarily attributed to proper nutrition, which is one of the most natural ways to get taller.  The phenomenal growth achieved during growth spurt years affects the spine, legs, arms, torso, and every vital part of the human body.

In order to maximize the potentials of natural growth, proper nutrition must be accompanied by the right amount of sleep.  People have a tendency to take for granted the required minimum of eight hours of sleep.  However, doing so reduces the capacity of the body to produce growth hormones and maintain effective bodily function that is essential to grow taller naturally.

Is There Any Way To Get Taller With Exercise?

Sports medicine has shown that this is possible.  However, people who want to grow taller using exercise must realize that not all types of exercises can contribute to human growth especially beyond the growth spurt years where the production of the human growth hormone is not as potent as it was during puberty.  Usually exercises that can contribute to getting taller can be classified as aerobic, anaerobic, and stretches.

Anaerobic exercises are considered as one of the most effective ways to achieve optimum growth.  These types of exercises subject the muscles to high intensity and tremendous amount of work for a limited timeframe.  Classic examples are sprinting or heavy weightlifting.  These types of routines stimulate the body to produce more growth hormones aside from keeping it fit and strong.

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Aerobic exercises are typically lower intensity routines, but performed during a longer timeframe.  These involve cycling, swimming, walking, and jogging among others.  They use up enormous amounts of oxygen because of the tremendous energy required during the prolonged period of exercise.  They also help introduce growth hormone to the body, but at a slower rate.

Stretching exercises on the other hand helps to relieve the spine of stress and compression.  It may also make use of gravity to pull and elongate the spine in order to help you grow taller.  It also helps to develop proper posture, which will not only increase your height, but also add to the appearance of making you look tall.

Is There Any Way To Get Taller Using Synthetic Hormones?

The pituitary gland is the organ responsible for the natural production of HGH or the Human Growth Hormone.  This hormone is partially responsible for supporting the growth of the body from childhood until adulthood while maintaining efficient metabolic processes.  This means that aside from making you grow taller, it also assists in the proper burning and prevention of fat accumulation.

As people grow older, the production of this hormone substantially decreases because of age and lack of activity.  With the advancements in medicine and technology, this no longer poses a hindrance in attempts to grow taller.  There are synthetic HGH injections that will supplement the natural production to assure continued growth regardless of age.  These injections however can prove to be quite costly because they need to be done on a daily basis.

They are referred to as synthetic because they are not produced by your pituitary gland.  However, they do come from human cadavers and transformed to injectable form.  Many studies have concluded that synthetic HGH injections not only help increase height, but also bone density, muscle mass, and disappearance of wrinkles as well as significant weight loss.

Is There Any Way To Get Taller Using Surgical Solutions?

The most common surgical solution to growing taller is the use of limb lengthening procedure.  This makes use of external or internal rods that are placed within the limbs and are required to be periodically adjusted until the desired height is reached.  The most common purpose for the application of this procedure outside the United States is for cosmetic reasons.  It is extremely effective, but does require substantial recovery time.

The adjustments normally correspond to a millimeter a day which can result to an inch of growth monthly.  Patients are commonly prescribed pain medications as well as advised to stay in the hospital during their recuperation.  This adds to the expense of the overall procedure.  Because this is a surgical solution, there is also the possibility of infection which can lead to more medications.

It is important to note though that growth can be as much as a foot and will remain permanent.  For those who want to have longer legs, this is also a good solution to follow.

Although people have been generally programmed genetically to stop growing once they get past puberty, all of these solutions can provide a work around to this limitation.  The choice of which to pursue when it comes to growing taller would be ultimately an individual decision.  There is no doubt though that there will always be a positive response to the question, is there any way to get taller?

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