How To Look Taller

by Paul on July 15, 2012

man look tallerAlmost every man has struggled with the concept on how to look taller.  This is because it is widely believed that it is one of the biggest determinants to the physical attractiveness of men to the opposite sex and sometimes even to the same sex.

People just seem to envy the height of tall people, which leads to the concern of how to become tall.  Unfortunately, most do not have the patience or the will to do what is necessary to achieve the height they desire.  As a result, they settle for the next best thing, find ways on how to look tall.

Many researches have shown that in different cultures height has been associated with social status, which means that taller men are likely to gain more favors compared to shorter men.  This is likewise partially the reason for the introduction of various products designed to make men look taller.  Consider the following tips on how to look taller.

Fitted Clothes to Look Taller

Wearing these types of clothes does not mean those that fit like a second skin.  For many Americans, men seem to prefer loose fitting clothes which they deem as more comfortable.  By failing to buy and wear the right sized clothes, men tend to look shorter than they are because they are drowned by the clothing.  Fitted clothes will accentuate the lines of your body, which essentially creates a slimming effect and the illusion of added height.

Selecting Monochromatic Colors to Look Taller

Color choices are very relevant when it comes to the attempt on how to look taller.  Clothing that has the same hues and shades on the color wheel will produce a sleek and more elongated look for your frame.  The trick is that it makes people look at your body as one continuous line for a taller projection.  Pants, shoes, and belts that blend into a single outfit achieve this effect.

Dark Colored Clothes to Look Taller

Black, deep gray, and navy blue are not only used to project power and dominance, but also can deliver a slimmer effect.  There is a prevailing subconscious response in modern society when it comes to competency, dominance, and power.  Adding the appeal of a taller look will complete an intimidating facade that many men in the corporate world strive for.

Effects of Hairstyle on Looking Taller

Some men choose spiky hairstyles not because of its trendy appeal, but because of its potential for adding inches to their height.  Hairstyles that are thin on the sides but tall on top will significantly contribute to the attempt on how to look taller.  The beauty of this effect is that it works regardless whether you are viewed from a distance of very near.  Try to consult various salons and hairstyles to see what works for your features.

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Vertical Stripes to Look Taller

look taller
There is power in stripes.  In the quest on how to look taller, wearing vertical stripes is a strategy that is well-known to everyone, not just celebrities.  Pinstripe, herringbone, and chalk stripe can provide visual length and appeal that is necessary to project an illusion of a taller man.  When buying pants, jackets, and shirts, always keep these details in mind.  However, never attempt to mix stripes because it would be a very confusing and distracting look that can make you appear shorter.

Choosing the Right Jacket Length to Look Taller

For men who frequently wear jackets, it is important to be aware of the proper length to achieve the optimum look.  Usually the jacket must end at the point where the buttocks and the legs meet.  Poorly fitted jackets not only classify you as a fashion disaster but can have some damaging effects on your efforts on how to look tall.  To achieve a more athletic look, shoulder pads can create an illusion of broader shoulders and tapered V-shaped upper body.

Wearing Elevator Shoes to Look Taller

If women use high heels to boost their height, men can now look taller with the help of innovations in men’s shoes.  Many shoes are designed to provide a hidden boost inside the shoes that can help the efforts on how to look taller by immediately adding 2 to 4 inches to the height of men.  Unlike before where the heels of men’s shoes revealed obvious efforts to look taller, newer designs help to conceal the added height provided by the shoes.

Fixing Your Posture to Look Taller

There is no question that a better posture can go a long way in achieving a taller look.  It not only allows others to perceive you as taller than you really are, but it also contributes some significant effects on your overall health.  Sitting and standing up straight are significant ways to make you look taller, smarter, and alert.  This is also a simple and affordable method on how to look taller.  There is no question that slumping can make you look considerably shorter by a few inches.

To achieve the proper posture, practice and exercise may be required.  Yoga and Pilates are excellent recommendations to align the body and support a better posture.  These exercises also allow men to keep an upright torso, which will definitely add inches immediately to your height.  Keep in mind though that having the right posture will only give you reasonable height gains.

Despite of all the perceived advantages associated with height, it is still not an automatic synonym for success.  Attitude, confidence, practicality, and positive outlooks are still important characteristics to possess.  However, combining these characteristics with attempts on how to look taller can help transform an ordinary man into a dominant figure.

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