How To Increase Height

by Paul on July 15, 2012

There are many solutions on how to increase height not only on the Internet but in many health stores as well.  However, when it comes to height increase, it is important to take into consideration the value of using natural methods not only to avoid unnecessary side effects, but to use affordable methods as well.

When it comes to natural methods to increase height, one of the most effective would definitely have to be exercises. It is important for people who want to know how to increase height that not all exercises can contribute to substantial height gains.  In the same manner that they must realize that this method to increase height will require substantial patience because it would be unreasonable to expect noticeable results in a short time.

Grow taller exercises target specific body parts like the spine, knees, and thighbones in order to deliver maximum results in achieving the height goals they want.  Among these body parts, the spine and the knees are known to deliver the most positive results.  Take a look at how you can increase height by focusing on these parts.

Spine Exercises to Increase Height Naturally

According to exercise experts, targeting the spine delivers the highest success rate in terms of height increase.  Here are the specific spine exercises on how to increase height:

spinal worm diagram

  • Stretching – most accessible and possibly most doable among all spine exercises.  It does not require any equipment and can be done at a pace comfortable for the individual while taking into consideration his own flexibility.  Normally about 15 to 20 minutes daily is recommended.
  • Hanging – makes use of gravity to decompress the spine and deliver height increase.  A bar and hang is the only requirement in terms of equipment.  Each hang should be done no less than 10 seconds with as many repetitions as comfortable.  Gradually increase the intensity and repetitions as you begin to grow stronger.
  • Body inversion – inversion boots or inversion table is required.  With the body inverted upside down, gravity begins to exert pressure on the spine and the knee cartilage simultaneously.  This is how to increase height with this exercise.  There is a possibility that many people will be able to tolerate being inverted longer than hanging.  This means that every repetition can be done longer than 10 seconds.  Consistency is the key to achieving excellent results.
  • Swimming – when asked how to increase height, majority of fitness experts will almost always include this exercise in the list.  Swimming essentially lengthens the spine especially when using the breast stroke.  It is ideal because the legs are kicking in one direction while the arms are stretching towards the opposite direction. Another reason why this helps to increase height is because water can effectively neutralize gravitational effects on the spine.  Majority of breast stroke swimmers have long and rangy spinal columns.
  • Raised bed bottom – although not really considered as an exercise per se, height increase can be achieved by sleeping with the raised bed bottom.  Many may wonder how to increase height with such a simple tweaking of your sleeping habits.

Basically, sleeping with the bed bottom raised anywhere from 2 to 4 inches, gravity begins to pull on the spine and stretches it out.  The position of the head below the heart will also maximize gravitational force to achieve better blood flow to the thyroid gland.  This potential results in better and increased production of growth hormones.

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Knee Exercises to Increase Height Naturally

Targeting the knees is one of the solutions on how to increase height.  Exercises that are designed for this purpose are known to deliver moderate success when done properly and regularly.

  • Sitting with ankle weight – it is recommended that 10 to 15 pounds of ankle weight be used for each leg as a starter.  The weight should be increased gradually as the knees begin to grow stronger.  It is important that the knees dongle completely off the edge to allow gravity to exert its force.  The feet should never touch the ground during this entire process that should last at least 30 minutes with sustained stress on the knees.
  • Massage the muscles on the knee area to increase blood circulation after the sitting session.
    • Any pressure on the knees should be alleviated immediately after the sitting session, which means no walking, running, or jumping, it is better to immediately sleep afterwards.
    • Numbness or painful sensation in the legs is a sign to immediately stop and take a rest to avoid injuries.
    • Never use excessively heavy ankle weights.
  • Kicking with ankle weights – using a 5-pound ankle weight strapped on the lower thigh of each leg, begin by kicking low towards the earth.  Approximately 10 minutes of kicking must be done with each leg using moderate pace.  The weight and pace can be increased periodically based on the strength achieved at the knees.  The kicking should be done in one smooth motion.
  • High seat cycling – this exercise requires either an outdoor or stationary bike.  The seat should be raised to a tolerable height where the toes are barely touching the pedals.  Once you get comfortable with the height, raise the seat gradually.
  • Seat cushion or padding should be used initially to minimize pain in the groin area as your body tries to adapt to the new configuration.  Patience is the key to doing this exercise, which also helps to prevent injuries while achieving the desired results.

These are just some of the exercises on how to increase height either from your home or office without much fuss over equipment use or time constraints.

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