How To Grow Taller During Puberty

by Paul on July 16, 2012

Nowadays, it’s common to see teenagers getting all hyped in searching for ways to increase their height during puberty. Adolescence or puberty is considered one of the most fascinating of life where several significant physical and emotional changes take place. Most of our bones are made up of cartilage when we were still infants. A cartilage is a rubbery tissue that cushions bones at joints. This soft cartilage will harden into solid bone as we grow in due time. During adolescence, growth plates coming from the firm tissue at the end of our bones are still present which makes it possible to continue growing.

grow taller during puberty

Teenage boys and girls become conscious of their own body during puberty. One key factor that determines the height a boy and girl is genetics. Heredity plays a role in determining what you get from your parents: your eyes, the color of your hair, the shape of your nose, and your height most importantly. Some will end up shorter, or taller, or just the same height as their biological parent. It varies on parent and child. However, you can certainly add a few inches to your height by following a healthy and balanced diet and performing hormone inducing exercises.

We have hormones which are distributed around our bodies. The human growth hormone is important if you get an increase in height. This hormone is parceled out around the body to areas it is needed and promotes the growth of your muscles and bones.

It is not uncommon that most people, even you have tried growth pills before. Media advertisement had made up ways to advertise growth inducing pills and vitamins and people have had a try of it even once in their lives.

Here are some more ways to grow taller.


Puberty is a time where we need to give our bodies the proper nutrients to grow. It is important to start eating nutritious food and provide our bodies with a healthy diet rich in protein, calcium and calories to help bones and muscles to grow. Amino acids play a vital role in the development of strong muscles. Protein is a good source of amino acids. Calories give us the energy to do our everyday activities as well as promote muscle growth. Calcium keeps our bones strong and healthy. During puberty, adolescents are adviced to eat a lot of calcium-rich foods to help grow taller.  Without these essential minerals, our bones and muscles will weaken and it will affect our growth.

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Exercise and Play Sports

Exercise is also important to help grow taller during puberty. Doing some height increasing exercises can help increase your height during puberty. A simple jumping and stretching exercises are noted to be a good help for increasing height. Performing exercises that affects your back bones and ligaments stimulate your body growth. As you sweat, your body produces more human growth hormones. It also tones your muscles which become slender and muscular giving you a taller appearance.

Become more physically active. Try playing a sport like swimming, running or cycling to increase your height. This is a good way of growing height naturally as quick movements from the body increases your chance to produce more human growth hormones. Your legs benefits from these movements as this strengthen your muscles.


Sleep has become an understatement nowadays and only works now as a necessity to relieve a person’s tiredness. However, getting at least 9 hours of sleep every night is very important to the body because it does more of its physical growth while you’re sleeping. Your sleeping habits can rob you of your maximum height potential or they can be an ingredient to give you a few inches. It is really advisable to get the 9 hours of sleep every day. Do not catch up on your sleep. Try to get a good amount of sleep to keep your body revitalize the morning after and help it prepare for more rigorous training and exercise.


Posture is one the biggest influence in human height growth and many posture problems exist that people pick up over the years and may not even realize that they have. If you want to achieve your full height potential, it is advisable to maintain a good posture throughout all of your activities.

Your spine is naturally “S” in shape and it will appear as if a string is running straight to your body from your head down to your torso if your spine is aligned correctly making your body stand as tall as possible. Having a poor posture curves your back in one direction and ultimately giving you back pain as well. In fact, a person who maintains poor posture in their daily lives or slumps back most of the time ears down the discs in your spine and decreases your height.

Making a conscious effort to stand up straight is good way to start in maintaining a good posture. Performing regular posture improvements and height growth exercises will help your body have a better posture naturally. By improving your posture, one can see a gradual improvement in their height and gives you a more professional look. It may be difficult to do constantly at first, but once accomplished, it’s a good way to get your height going.

Puberty is indeed a crucial time for the body to develop to its full potential. We are aware of our body’s growth and gaining a few inches in height is a luxury in itself. Eating a balanced diet, performing various exercises, maintaining a proper posture and getting a decent amount of sleep are good and effective tips to those who want to grow.

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