How to Grow More Taller

by Paul on July 17, 2012

grow more tallerHeight has become a common issue with people nowadays and it is unfortunate to say that in today’s society, people who are often called short face a range of problems directly attributed to their short stature. These people are bothered by these problems in both their social and working lives. They may face a certain lack of respect or maybe even looked down upon in more ways than one just because of their height.

Not only do they have a certain height advantage, but taller people are actually looked upon by their colleagues. Compared to the short people, taller people also have a psychological advantage over them which often leads to taller people finding it easier to advance in careers and in social situations. Yes, even getting the love of their life. Height plays a critical role in relationships as often women are more attracted to taller men due to their height because it exudes confidence and dominance than shorter people. It makes them look appealing, strong and dependant.

Here are some effective tips, methods and ways to help you grow more using natural methods.


Exercise is one of the best improvable factor that you can begin applying today. It is likely to have most substantial effect but only if you carry it out correctly. A well formulate and focused routine will not only increase your health and fitness but it will also improve your posture and height. Stretching, for example, helps stimulate your back bones and ligaments and stimulate body growth. Your body produces more human growth hormones as you sweat and it also tones your muscles that help you give a slender and taller appearance.

The best core strengthening activities can be done in your home. Sit ups and press ups on a regular basis, perhaps daily to begin with, will quickly improve your muscle stability and tone. This will have a knock on effect of improving your posture and straightening your spinal column. Start with 10 of each exercise per day and try to increase over time if you feel like you can do more, but don’t do anything that can make you feel uncomfortable. You need to strengthen these muscles gradually to help you grow taller naturally.

Sleep Early And On Time

Studies have shown that if you sleep after a particular time especially after midnight, your body will be losing out on the healing and growth process that occurs in your body when you’re asleep. In addition to that, a lot of people who sleep really late often complain that their body cannot cope up with their morning routine. Getting enough rest helps your body focus on helping you grow taller. It not only helps rejuvenate your energy but it gives a waking call to you growth hormones to work when you’re in deep slumber.

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Eat The Right Food And Avoid Junk Food

If you have a friend and co-worker who are taller than the average person, ask them what they eat on a daily basis. You will probably not hear things like McDonald’s, potato chips or soft drinks. Most people who are tall usually do not get a height increase due to puberty or genes but because they take good care of themselves and they know what to do to help them grow taller without doing anything unnecessary and unhealthy.

People who indulge in unhealthy food usually puts on more weight than the average and this extra weight might become a cause to a burden on your body especially if you’re trying to aim for a few inches.  It is not highly discouraged to stop eating junk food, but discretion is a key and you should know when to stop eating.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and milk which contains a lot of calcium and vitamins are good for your bones. Eating food rich in protein also helps your muscles which is necessary for growing.

Start Taking Nutritional Supplements

If you are bent on learning how to grow taller naturally, taking industry-proven health supplements is advisable. Supplements contain the ingredient of amino acid glycine and it stimulate the release of growth hormones in your body, thus making it a perfect choice to take them before working out or doing your exercises.

Eat Smaller Meals Instead Of Large Ones

Taking a meal that is too large at one go actually causes the production of insulin in your body. It prevents the release of growth hormones. Eating too much also makes you uneasy and uncomfortable as your body would have to work harder to digest the food you have just eaten. It helps you increase weight and eating too much in one sitting makes you drowsy and tired.

Changing The Way You Dress Up

Sometimes, visual appearance can help you look tall in the eyes of people. It can give an illusion of height which is really powerful to catch the attention. Wearing vertical stripes, especially pin stripe gives you a taller appearance. Learn to match your clothes from top to bottom with the similar colors. Being aware how to handle your posture will also give you a taller look.

These tips will help you grow taller and it doesn’t require you to lose some money by going to a hospital and having an appointment for surgery. It’s all about being aware and responsible enough to take of your body and eating the right things with the right vitamins and minerals to help your body continue producing hormones to help you grow.

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