How Tall Am I Going To Be?

by Paul on July 16, 2012

how tall am i going to beDuring my younger times, I used to think that I will grow tall just like other tall adults. Back then all my hopes are alive thinking that someday, when I grow up, I can live the life that I’ve watched them lived.

I realized I could be wrong when I learned that one’s height is determined by genetics. I regret that I did not know before that there is another way to increase height while one’s still a child. But going back to genetics, I realized then and tried to accept that I may be just as tall as my mother whose height barely reaches five feet or if I am lucky enough, I can inherit my father’s height that is seven inches more than my mom’s.

Parents, like kids, also wonder how tall their children will be. But unlike kids, parents worry about their children’s height early since children do not care about their height when they are busier in playing and enjoying their youthful life.

But when kids come to the transition age between childhood and puberty, they also start asking questions.

Responsible parenting is keeping track of the growth of your children because height plays an important role in one’s life and personality. Height is one factor that may contribute to how good and happy your child’s life will be in the future.

Some parents seek a paediatrician’s assistance in monitoring the growth of their toddler. Aside from the growth, weight is also being monitored in children because a child’s health can also contribute to how tall the child is going to be.

Answer to most children’s question: “How tall am I going to be?”

I also used to ask myself and my parents how tall am I going to be when I grow up. But can you really predict your actual height when you grow up?

There are two ways to determine how tall you are going to be. The most reliable is genetics and DNA. When you look at both of your parents or your relatives, you can say you will become more or less like them when you grow. You may combine the height of both your parents and the average can be your height. If both of them are tall, the higher the chance you will grow tall. When both of them are short, you might want to accept that you are fated to become short.

For males, usually, their future height can be based on the height of their father. In our family, the youngest is my only brother. He inherited the height of my father while us girls, who of course are older than him, got our mother’s height.

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Good health that can be achieved through proper diet and fitness can also determine how tall you can become. When one reaches beyond puberty, it doesn’t mean that they can no longer grow tall. They can, actually, through proper height boosting exercise, diet and enough sleep. But it is highly advisable that you do all these exercises for height increase while you are still young because your chances of growing up are higher. There are suggested fitness program for children to help them grow tall naturally until adulthood.

Over the internet, there are height predictors or height prediction tests developed to help parents determine the future height of their children. The height predictor asks parents to fill out a form which requires information about the child and his genetics like the gender and the height of the child at two years old. Height predictors based its results to the child’s mid-parental height and their genetic potential for growth.

A yet another way to predict is through plotting the child’s height in a growth chart.

Kids: How tall am I Going to Be if I do Regular Exercise?

Who says only adults need exercise? Children also need to be physically fit at all times in able to accomplish a healthy life with a healthy weight and height. As I have pointed out earlier, proper exercise, diet and enough sleep contributes to height increase.

Pediatricians assert that children must have at least 60 minutes of exercise or physically active moments daily. Exercise for kids are not like the exercises that adults do in the fitness center. It can be in the form of sports like swimming, basketball, biking and other physical activities that are fun to do for children. Regular exercise also help kids build strong self-esteem, have better sleep, more energy for the next day, decrease anxiety and decrease depression.

The suggested activities for children that will help them lose calories are bicycling, jogging, playing recreation games such as basketball, volleyball and tennis, roller skating, swimming and walking. Parents may also organize interesting outdoor activities and entertainment or encourage their children to use the stairs in tall buildings instead of the elevators. Parental support and guidance is very vital in the child’s growth.

Exercise must be partnered with a healthy diet. Exercise and diet combined prevents the child from developing diseases such as child obesity. You may start feeding your child healthy food during pregnancy. Obesity in children could prevent their normal growth so parents must be mindful of what they are feeding their children and what activities they are allowing their children to do. Especially in this computer era where most children are obsessed in computers, parents must make sure that their children are having physical activities.

Medicine and supplemental that you see on Television may not really help your child in growing tall. Some medicines may only give them side effects. So like many pediatricians would advise, use the natural methods. It might entail efforts from parents and children but the result, they will not regret.

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