How Can I Increase My Height?

by Paul on May 12, 2012

How Can I Increase My HeightWhen it comes to both personal and social situations, height is a big factor in how people see themselves, as well as how others see them. From those who are self-conscious about their height, a majority feel as though they may be too short, especially when they get to that stage of their life when their growth starts to slow down.

Some people have increased height ingrained in their genetics, while some may not. Genetics, though, don’t control your growth entirely. Things such as the things you take in, the activity of your body, as well as your environment, may also play a part in your growth and development.

There are many natural ways to keep growing, even when it seems like it would be difficult to gain another one or two inches alone. Most of these methods are for those who are no longer young enough to expect growth spurts, and these methods go in-depth to the biology of growth so you will know how they work within your body.

It’s important to know, first of all, that one of the main facilitators of growth can be found in the bones. In the longer bones of the legs, at the ends, there are something called growth plates, which grow out through puberty, making up most of a person’s height. Once these plates begin fusing, at age 18 for most women and age 24 for most men, growth is more difficult to facilitate. Still, this shows that growth is still possible when you look at how you can work on your bones. Growth is also in the spine, where cartilaginous joints called discs, which don’t fuse, can grow thicker with the right stimulation and lengthen the spine, increasing a person’s height.

Another large part of growth can be found in the hormones. Hormones stimulate and facilitate growth and development in the body. Growth hormones are produced in the pituitary gland, also called the master gland. These hormones facilitate the production of chemicals and other hormones that can be spread throughout the body for growth and development.

Taking these two elements into account, stimulating growth is simple enough if done right.


Stretching exercises are extremely helpful when it comes to growth. It’s been shown that stretching the body and increasing flexibility also increases blood flow, which makes it easier for the body to get nutrients necessary for growth. It also makes the body less stiff and makes discs more elastic, giving bones space to grow.

Specialized exercises focused on the spinal and knee areas are the best kinds of exercises when growth is the goal. Yoga for spinal stretches and lifts for the legs while utilizing ankle weights are some of these exercises which will help these areas become more flexible and stimulate growth.

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Improving your posture is also a very helpful practice when it comes to the spine. Posture problems can stiffen the spine and often, your height isn’t shown completely when you are slouching or not keeping up proper posture. Improving your posture has similar effects to spine stretches and allows for easier spinal-focused growth.


Growth can also be stimulated with nutrients from the food you eat. Protein-rich foods are very helpful with the growth process since protein facilitates tissue building, which in turn helps both bone and cartilage grow. Some protein-rich foods include:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Meats
  • Soy

Another nutrient helpful in growth is calcium, which increases bone mass and strengthens bones. Milk is widely accepted as the best source of calcium.

Carbohydrates aid in muscle growth, but a diet with an excess of carbohydrates can stunt growth. It isn’t a good idea to take in too many carbohydrates if your goal is to increase your height.


For growth to happen, certain vitamins and minerals are required, and for most adults on the go, it’s not easy to get all these nutrients in every meal. Certain supplements can help aid growth if taken in properly and moderately. Calcium, Vitamin D and multivitamins are some of the supplements which facilitate growth along with the right diet and proper exercise.

Calcium, as mentioned above, helps with bone growth and strengthening. Vitamin D helps the body’s metabolism when it comes to nutrients and other minerals needed for growth. It also helps the body absorb and utilize calcium.

Multivitamins put together the many nutrients and minerals the body needs, including the ones mentioned above, so taking them will help supplement the bloodstream, which will carry these nutrients to the bones and facilitate growth.


A major problem with most adults compared to children is that they have the tendency to sleep less, and possibly with less regular hours. It is said that a large percentage of growth happens when you are asleep, since growth hormones are released into the body to facilitate growth and development, leading to the increase in bone mass, among other things the hormones stimulate.

Sleep should be done with an adequate number of hours and in a regular schedule. The body’s cycles thrive better on regularity, and that includes growth. Sleeping at random times may confuse the body and not enough hours in deep sleep may become an obstacle in proper growth.

There’s no shame in wanting to increase your height. Whether to build up confidence or simply to look the way you want, increasing your height can also promote a proper regime of healthy eating and proper exercise. Growth is very closely related to the fitness of the body, and the right amount of it, taking genetics into account, should manifest a healthy lifestyle.

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