Height Increasing Exercises

by Paul on April 14, 2012

Height Increasing Exercises To Help Adults Grow Tall

Height Increasing ExercisesGrowing tall is every child’s dream. It is every adult’s dream too, especially those adults who were not blessed with a tall height.

There is really no reason to lose hope because there are ways to increase height even when you are past the puberty age. There are natural ways and complicated ways. It is always better to choose the former.

The natural ways in increasing height includes exercises, proper diet, good posture and enough sleep or relaxation for the body. You read it right, one of the keys is exercise. But it is not just any kind of exercise. You must do the right exercises to increase height.

Proper diet means getting all the nutrients that your body needs to grow tall. These nutrients are protein, calcium and amino acids. Protein is used by the body to secret Human Growth Hormones (HGH) and is essential for muscle development. Calcium, on the other hand, strengthens the bones.

Enough Sleep will keep the body relaxed and free from stress. Study shows that stress and fatigue can cause the person to shrink because their tired body tends to develop bad posture. Good posture can increase a person’s height by about two to six inches because a good posture straightens the spine that is bent when a person slouches.

Height increasing exercises also help straighten the spine. Spine is actually one of the main targets of these height increasing exercises.

Height Increasing Exercise: Stretches

The following are the basic stretching exercises to increase height. It includes proper breathing while doing the exercise.

Exercise 1: Stand straight with feet together.  Raise your arms as high as you can reach while inhaling through the nose. Then go back to your comfortable position while inhaling through the mouth. Do this for three times.

Exercise 2: Stand straight, feet apart. Put your hands at the back of your head or on your nape then start stretching upwards. Afterwards, bend to the right slowly while keeping the position of your elbows and arms and while inhaling through the mouth. Then go back to your normal position while exhaling through the nose. Try the other direction and repeat until your body feels satisfaction.

Exercise 3: Stand straight, feet together. Slowly bend your head and chest backwards while inhaling through the nose. Then go back to your normal position while exhaling through the mouth.

Exercise 4: Completely stretch your body in all parts. It might involve lying down on a flat area.

Proper breathing is very important when exercising because it gives you comfort and prevents you from chasing your breath. It will also lessen your feeling of tiredness. There are many other height increasing exercises to help you grow tall even at a not-so-young age.

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Exercise to Increase Height: Target the Spine (More Stretching)

Stretching exercises like the examples above are the most advised and most accessible height increasing exercise. There are three types of stretching exercises – lying down stretch, stand-up stretch and twist stretch.

The forms of lying down stretch includes but not limited to Cobra, Super Cobra, Cat Stretch, Basic Leg Stretch, Bridge, Table, One Straight Leg Up, Two Straight Leg Up, Bowl, Upper Body Slant, Lower Body Slant, Bench Stretch, Incline Upper Body Slant Stretch and Acrobat. Your gym instructor may help you with these exercises and he may tell you if you are doing the right thing. However, you may try it yourself, just be careful.

The forms of stand-up stretch includes but not limited to Bow down, Yawn, Super Stretch, Hands, on the Head Bow Down, Wall Stretch, Super Stretch Level 2, Touch Toes, The Skier, Sky Stretch, Super Sky Stretch, Downhill and Standing Table Hold. Examples of twist stretch meanwhile are Basic Twist and Bar Twist.

We are not telling you to do all these. Just pick at least five of them and try them from time to time.

Other height increase exercises for the spine are hanging, body inversion and swimming. Hanging will decompress the spine to increase height. Just find a bar that you can grab and hang there for at least 10 seconds. Body inversion is using the force of gravity to stretch the spine and knee cartilage. Swimming, especially the breast stroke, because you are able to stretch both your legs and arms.

Exercise to Increase Height: Target The Knees

It is said that frequent exercise can help develop knee cartilages into real bones in the process called endochondral ossification. Growing your bone cartilages thicker by consistent exercise helps remodel the bones and grow tall because exercise applies stress to the bone cartilage.

Exercises for the knees include sitting with weight on the ankle, kicking with weight on the ankle and cycling in a high seat. Sitting while you put weight of about 15 pounds on your ankles makes the knees stronger. When you sit, make sure not to touch the ground. The knees must be pulled by the earth’s gravity. Stay in that position for at least 30 minutes. Kicking with weight on the ankles does the same effect as sitting but there is more force applied when you kick. Cycling in a high seat stretches the knee cartilage. It might be painful the first time but you will get used to it eventually.


Attempting to increase height through height increasing exercises might take time but it will come without you noticing it. The best ways to grow tall are always the natural ways. Taking supplements or undergoing surgery might just complicate things in your body. So you better be safe than sorry.

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