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by Paul on March 7, 2012

Height Increase Tips: Tried and Tested Tips to Increase Height the Natural Way

Height Increase TipsIt is a sad and unfortunate fact that people who is on the short side experience problems with their self-confidence and self-esteem. This is because a lot of individuals choose to give their respect to people who are taller. If you are one of the many people who have a problem with their short stature, then it is probably the reason why you have reached this website. The good news is that there are several natural height increase tips that you can use if you want to grow taller and boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

There are a lot of people who are also experiencing self-confidence and self-esteem issues because of their weight. However, weight loss is something easier to be done compared to gaining an increase in height. Fortunately, there are now several tried and tested tips to increase height that you can include in your list of how to grow taller. If you really want to achieve an increase in your height and at the same time, maintain your overall health and well being, continue reading this article.

Tips to Naturally Increase Height Even After Puberty

If you have a problem with being short, then you must have encountered numerous height increase tips as you try to search for the answer to your height issues. While some of these tips are effective, some are not as effective as you might want them to be. There are also some people who recommend the use of medications such as HGH supplements or HGH injections. If you do not oppose these ways of getting taller, then you can go right ahead and consult your doctor about them. If you prefer the more natural ways to grow taller, then you should use the following tips

Tip No. 1: Perform the Right Forms of Exercises

When an individual is in the puberty stage, performing exercises is crucial. This does not only help release human growth hormone (HGH); it also aids the bones by keeping it healthy, strong, and sturdy. If you are undergoing the puberty process, make sure that you perform regular exercises as a part of your daily routine. This will help you get the most out of your body’s growth spurts.

On the other hand, if you are already an adult and way past your puberty and adolescent stage, keep in mind that performing the right forms of exercises is still important if you want to grow taller. Aside from being one of the most effective height increase tips, doing regular exercises also help you avoid gaining excess weight. Some people are unaware that excess fat puts extra pressure and stress to the bone and makes them appear shorter.

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One of the most effective tips to increase height is to combine several forms of exercises in one daily routine. These include Pilates, Yoga, and stretching exercises. While Pilates and Yoga exercises do not really make the body produce an increased level of HGH, these types of exercises are designed to improve posture. A good posture is important in making one appear taller. This is why you should combine both of these forms of exercises with those that are designed for stretching in order for you to achieve optimum results.

Tip No. 2: Develop a Good Posture

Another of the most effective natural height increase tips is to develop a good posture. Developing a good posture provides you with the right way to balance your body mass. In achieving a balanced body mass, you are giving your body a chance to gain an increase in height. This also results in the even distribution of energy supply throughout the different parts of your body. Develop a good posture in the way you sit, the way you stand, the way you walk, and the way you do your daily chores. You will be surprised at the effect it has on your height and the effect it has on how people will look at you.

Tip No. 3: Build Your Meals from Nutritious and Healthy Foods

As mentioned above, people who are on the heavy side are placing additional pressure and stress on their bones. This means that they have a higher tendency of slouching that makes them appear shorter than what they really are. If your goal is not only to have an increase in height but also to maintain your overall health and well being, then you should build your meals from nutritious and healthy foods. Aside from also being one of the most effective height increase tips, eating a balanced diet also keeps the body healthy and prevents you from developing other health problems.

Let us take a closer look at the different height increasing foods:

  • Foods that contain Vitamin A: Carrots, cantaloupes, red bell peppers, papayas, oranges, lime, sweet potatoes, salmon, liver, kale, figs, broccoli, tomatoes, plums
  • Foods that contain Protein: Meat, fish, fowl, milk, nuts, eggs
  • Foods that contain Vitamin D: liver, fish, egg yolk
  • Foods that contain Fiber: Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts
  • Foods that contain Calcium: milk products, dairy products, soya, dry shrimp, kale, broccoli, cabbage, salmon, shells, kale
  • Foods that contain Zinc: Seafood, chicken, beef, milk, eggs, green vegetables, cereals, whole grain products, nuts

While eating foods that contain high levels of different vitamins and minerals is one of the most important tips to increase height, it is important that you still take them in moderation. Always keep in mind that anything more than what is necessary can lead to other more serious problems. This is also true for the over consumption of foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals.

These three are just some of the most effective natural height increase tips that you can use in your dream of becoming taller. If you rather grow taller the natural way, then you will greatly benefit from these tips.

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