Height Increase Surgery

by Paul on July 23, 2012

Because of the sad fact that height plays a major role in how people look at other people, those who are on the shorter side are often not given the respect they deserve. This is because taller people exude more confidence and have a higher self esteem. If you are one of the individuals not being given the respect you deserve because of your short stature, then you are probably always looking for ways to grow taller. You probably even have welcomed the thought of undergoing height increase surgery.

In your search for the most effective ways to achieve an increase in height even after puberty, you have possibly encountered numerous articles discussing the limb lengthening procedure or the height increase surgery. This medical process originated from Russia, but it was popularized by the Chinese people.

Traditionally, the limb lengthening surgery was used as a treatment for dwarfism and to correct leg bone deformities. Because the procedure involves correcting distorted bones, this also resulted in the person gaining an increase in height. This led to the procedure now being used for cosmetic purposes to provide a way for short people to gain an increase in height.

If you have become interested in undergoing the height increase surgery because of the articles you have read about its success rate, you should first learn more about the procedure before actually undergoing one. Here are some of the most important questions that you should ask first prior to resorting to this way to get taller.

Question: Does the Height Increase Surgery Really Work?

Answer: Yes, it does work. However, undergoing the limb lengthening procedure to make you taller also comes with several risks as it is an invasive surgery.

Question: In a Nutshell, How Is the Limb Lengthening Surgery Performed?

Answer: The height increase surgery involves complex medical steps that are considered risky. To discuss how the procedure is performed briefly, the surgeon will break down your leg bones (tibia-fibula) into several various positions. A metal device will then be attached to leg bone’s broken ends through the skin.

This device consists of fixators, or extendable rods, and two rings. The rotatable screws that come with the device will then be used to lengthen the rods by a few millimeters. In order for the process to be a success, the rotation of the screws should be performed regularly. This will allow the re-growth process of the broken bones to take place.

Question: How Long Does it Take for the Results of the Surgery to Become Noticeable?

Answer: After the height increase surgery is performed, it usually takes about three months for the gaps in between the broken ends of the leg bones to be completely filled in. Once the re-growth process is completed, this is the time that you will notice the height increase results of the surgery.

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Question: Is the Recovery Period Long?

Answer: As mentioned above, it takes about three months for your broken leg bones to heal. This is the same time that the strengthening of your bones also takes place. However, this does not mean that your bones have completely healed and strengthened.

Most patients who undergo this type of height surgery are recommended by doctors to avoid performing activities that will put pressure on their legs for a year or more. This means that the recovery period takes more than a year.

Question: What are the Risks Involved in Undergoing the Height Increase Surgery?

Answer: The most obvious all risks involved in undergoing this height surgery is pain. The surgery itself is very painful. The rotation of the screws on a daily basis also adds up to this excruciating pain. On top of this, the strengthening period that your broken bones undergo is also extremely painful. Another thing to keep in mind before undergoing limb lengthening surgery is that this involves breaking down healthy leg bones.

Question: What are the Advantages of the Height Increase Surgery over the Other Ways to Get Taller?

Answer: The greatest advantage of this type of height surgery is the fact that it does work to help people achieve an increase in height. This medical procedure is also one of the fastest ways to grow taller compared to the more natural methods which take a little more time for the results to appear and become noticeable.

Question: Are there any Drawbacks in Undergoing this Type of Surgery?

Answer: Yes. There are a lot of drawbacks in undergoing height surgery. First of all is it is very expensive. Since this is performed only by qualified doctors and surgeons, you should expect to pay for a very high rate. Another major disadvantage of this medical procedure is the risks involved. Another important factor to keep in mind is that the limb lengthening surgery is extremely painful. On top of all of these drawbacks, undergoing this type of surgery will also mean that you would not be able to perform your regular activities for more than a year.

Question: So, in Conclusion, is it a Good Choice to Undergo Height Increase Surgery?

Answer: While the height increase surgery will really provide you with the increase in height you want, this advantage is quickly outweighed by all its drawbacks. In fact, this procedure has been described many times as “gruesome.” It really depends whether or not this is a good choice for you or not. Just always keep in mind that there are many other ways that you can do in order for you to get taller without having to resort to invasive surgeries. Most of these grow taller ways are also natural, so aside from helping you gain in height, you will also benefit from a better overall health and well being.

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