Height Growth Through Posture Improving Exercises

by Paul on July 25, 2012

Posture is one of the factors that greatly influence the growth in the height of humans. This also significantly affects the health of a person’s back. This means that in order for you to achieve your natural maximum height potential, you should understand the importance of developing a good posture in all the activities you perform daily. When you make a conscious effort to have proper posture at all times, whether you are standing up, sitting down, or doing anything at all, you are already increasing your chances of getting taller. However, you can further be on your way to becoming taller when you incorporate the right posture improving exercises on your list of daily activities. These exercises will help you develop a better posture through natural means and thus; achieve an increase in height.

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In order for you to understand why having a good posture plays a major role in your height growth, you need to take time to learn more about the structure of your back bone or your spinal column.

Some people believe that the spinal cord should be straight for it to be normal. However, the spinal cord is actually in the shape of the letter “S.” If you are standing, a properly aligned spinal column appears as if there is a string running and hanging straight through the body starting from the crown of your head, down to the middle area of your chest or your torso, and finally into the heels of your feet.

spine shapeThe natural “S” shape of the spinal column enables our bodies to stand as tall as it can. This means that a person with a bad posture has a part of his or her back curved and pointing too much in a certain direction.

One example of having a bad posture is evident in people who have a habit of tilting their pelvis in a much too forward manner. These individuals can develop a condition commonly referred to as a “swayback.” This condition results in the slumping of the body. When you are one of these people whose body slumps in such a manner, you are actually placing additional stress on your spinal column. This stress wears down the spinal discs, and the result is a decrease in your height. In fact, there are a lot of people with poor or bad posture who are a few inches shorter than their natural height.

This is why in order for you to be able to focus on your height growth; you need to make a conscious effort to develop and maintain a good posture all the time and in everything that you do. Since bad posture negatively affects not only your back, but your neck and your other muscles as well, correcting this will help you improve the health of your bones and muscles too.

When you strengthen your muscles, you will be surprised at the natural ability of your body to resist your tendency to slump. This ability will also help your body fight the added pressure that you put on your spine that results in you becoming and appearing a lot shorter than what you really are. Here are some of the most effective proper posture exercises that you can include in your workouts that will ultimately help you achieve an increase in height.

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1. The “Bow Down to Yourself” Exercise

bow down to yourself exerciseThis height increase and posture improving exercise is actually one of the simplest exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere. This does not only help you improve your posture; it also stretches out your muscles located in the upper area of your back. To perform the “Bow Down to Yourself” exercise, you need to sit on a chair and faced forward while keeping your back straight up. Your feet should be lying flat on the floor. The next step is to bow down your chin slowly until it reaches your chest. Keep you head in this position and take three long and deep breaths before raising it back.

2. The “Ear to Shoulder” Exercise

The “Ear to Shoulder” exercise should be performed right after doing the “Bow Down to Yourself” exercise. Similar to the previous height increase exercise, this will also help you develop and improve your posture as well as stretch the muscles on the upper area of your back. This also specifically targets and stretches the muscles located on both sides of your upper spinal column and neck. Doing this exercise will help you find the proper position for your head and your neck. This will then result in you developing a better posture and ultimately achieve an increase in your height. Being on the same position as you were with the “Bow Down to Yourself” exercise, take a long deep breath.

ear to shoulder exercise

Upon exhaling, move your right ear in a rolling motion towards your shoulder on the right. Take another long deep breath, but this time, move your right ear towards your left shoulder in the same rolling motion. Take another long deep breath and exhale it while rolling your chin in a downward motion to your chest.

3. The “Turkey Stretch” Exercise

In performing the “Turkey Stretch” exercise, you will feel the lengthening and the stretching of the muscles running along your back and your neck. Since your neck plays a very important role in achieving a proper posture, this exercise will do you a lot of good by helping you gain an increase in height as well as an improved overall health and well being.

turkey stretch exerciseThe same position applies in this exercise; however, make sure that you keep in mind to sit up straight and as tall as possible. Look at the point directly in front of your nose. Raise your hand towards your chin. Take a long deep breath while holding your hand onto your chin. Exhale slowly. Upon exhaling, use your hand to gently push your chin towards your neck. This is the time you will feel the lengthening and the stretching of the muscles on your back and on your neck.

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