Height Enhancer Foods

by Paul on February 15, 2012

12 Height Enhancing Foods

Height Enhancer FoodsWhen we talk about height enhancer foods, we refer to those that can allow the body to grow naturally beyond its genetic potentials.  The human body is a wonderful creation simply because when you feed it the right amounts and types of foods, it will respond in a way that is far greater than what is expected.

Although there are a number of products in the market those claims to increase the height of people, none can be better than those that are considered natural. People should realize that investing time and money in eating natural height enhancer foods is the best way to grow taller without fear of any potential side effects.

Majority of these foods belong to the protein group primarily because it is believed that protein is the foundation for the growth of the human body. Many health experts also discourage the excessive intake of carbohydrates and fats because of their tendency to impede the protein metabolism process necessary to attain growth.  Some of the foods to consider in helping you increase your height naturally are:


This is without a doubt one of the universal foods required by the body to build and rebuild itself.  Milk has been established to contain abundant amounts of protein needed by the cells of the body to initiate growth.  Despite some cases of lactose intolerance, this food is generally easy to digest which allows it to maximize its potential to assimilate with proteins.  It is recommended that about 2 to 3 glasses of milk should be taken daily.


This is another wonderful source of protein that is beneficial for the body.  The white albumen found in eggs has 100% protein components.  However, people are cautioned against eating the yolk primarily because of its fat contents.  To successfully increase your height, it is recommended that about 3 to 6 eggs should be eaten daily.  For optimum results eat two eggs with every meal.


If protein content meat is what you are after, then you will be glad to know that chicken is one of the foods that have the highest protein concentration among animals.  Its immense protein content that contributes to the building of muscles and tissues is one of the reasons why it is considered as a height enhancer food.  The recommendation is that approximately 100 grams of chicken should be eaten daily.


Much like chicken, this is another animal food that serves as an excellent source of protein.  It is however discouraged to eat beef that is cooked in an oily manner.  This is because the fat in oils can negate the height enhancing properties of beef.  It is recommended that about 100 grams of beef be taken every day.


Another excellent height enhancer food, it serves as an ample source of plant protein.  Consuming a minimum of 50 grams of Oatmeal during breakfast every day will help to increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat.  The more muscles the body has, the greater it’s potential for growth.

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Among all vegetarian plant foods, soybean is considered as having the most protein content.  This height enhancer food is known to contain pure protein which is responsible for improving bones and increasing tissue mass.  The recommendation is to take about 50 grams of soybeans daily.

Slimmed Milk

Fat-free and contains 100% protein, it is the most ideal height enhancer food that you can take on a daily basis.  It is the recommendation of health experts that approximately 50 grams of skimmed milk should be drank after physical activity or exercise routine.  This will help in replenishing the protein of the body that will help you grow taller.

Coral Calcium

This is a natural source of calcium that is derived from sea corals.  The coral calcium will help to generate increased bone mass, which will help the bones to grow longer contributing to your height.  The earlier this height enhancer food is incorporated into the diet, the greater the results to be expected in terms of increased bone mass.


Foods that are full of sugar or starchy can push the body to release excessive amounts of insulin.  This has been identified as a major fat-protecting and fat-storage hormone which can cause people to become overweight or obese.  This can be extremely true when not enough high-fiber is included in the diet.  Apples can be extremely tasty alternatives that can deliver the required amounts of fiber needed by the body.

High-Fiber Vegetables

There are the green, red, and yellow colored vegetables which contribute greatly to helping your body exceed its growth potentials.  These foods have very low calorie contents and help the body to flush out bad fat while allowing the production of hormones needed by the body to grow.

Non-Farmed Fish

Among all the foods that can help you increase your height, fish is considered as one of the most effective primarily because it aids in the enhanced production of human growth hormone.  Eating fish during dinner is one of the best ways to grow taller because it will ensure that the body maximizes the growth hormone production while you sleep.

Opt for non-farmed fish that come from remote cold ocean water.  Fishes of these varieties are known for their high quality protein content as well as valuable omega-3 fatty acids.  Lake or salt-water farmed fishes, especially those that are caught near big cities, usually have high concentration of toxins.

Amino Acids

Supplementation of this food group in proper amounts and ratio will allow the body to function at its full potentials.  It delivers increased energy, better health, and optimum growth in an extremely safe and effective manner.  Taking this on a regular basis will result in overall well-being and allows for the continued production of human growth hormone.  Taking this daily will continue to stimulate growth, enhance immune system, and promote body strength among others.

Incorporating these foods into your daily diet will allow you to maximize your growth potentials way beyond your puberty years.  It is equally important to remember that these height enhancer foods promote better health that will allow the body to maintain optimum function and growth.

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