Factors Affecting Height Growth

by Paul on July 17, 2012

To be tall means many things to a man and a woman. If we are tall, we are more confident with ourselves. If we are tall, we can do more things than what short people can. It is not written, but being tall is sometimes a hidden requirement to get a good job. People give more respect to tall people because tall people do not look inferior, but superior. In general, tall height is a symbol of dominance.

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There are different factors that contribute to height growth. The most influential is genetics. Other factors are the body’s specific hormonal level, right nutrient intake and how much the body is exposed to physical activity.

It is false to say that a person stops growing after puberty. There are actually ways to increase height even are past the puberty age. There are natural and medical ways to increase the height by several inches. Natural ways include starting to eat a healthy diet, do height increasing exercises, having good sleep or adequate relaxation and developing good posture. Medical ways or sometimes referred as artificial ways are surgery and taking height boosting supplements.

The natural ways are more preferred because the risk of side effects from medicines and supplements is lesser.


The major contributing factor to a person’s height is genetics and DNA. If you are child reading this, you may want to trace your gene history to determine your height. Just look at both of your parents, you can say you will become more or less like them when you grow up. You might also want to check-out your relatives because it is possible that you inherit your genes from them. Combine the height of both of your parents and the average can be your height. If mother and father are both tall, the higher the chance you will grow tall. When both of them are short, do not worry too much. There is still a chance through various natural and artificial ways for height increase.

The usual case among males is that their future height can be based on their father’s height. I can attest to this. In our family, our youngest brother who is the youngest among four children, inherited the height of my father while us girls, who of course are older than him, got our parent’s average height.

Hormonal Level

Human Growth Hormones (HGH) of insulin plays an important part in a person’s growing process. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland found in the brain. Insufficient HGH greatly affects the height growth of a person.

HGH is produced by the pituitary gland throughout a person’s life. HGH is important because it makes other hormones and chemicals to be produced in the body that are responsible for the development in different parts of the body.

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HGH travels through the blood, then stimulates the liver to release a protein called insulin-like growth factor ‘IGF-1’. IGF-1 makes the cartilage cells in the bones to multiply. These cartilages also called the growth plates, when applied with stress from physical activities, remodel which is why the bones grow.

There are ways to increase the release of HGH which is through various stimuli. Artificial ways to acquire more hormones include HGH Injection, Oral HGH, HGH Precursor, Secretagogue, Anti-somatostatin Therapy and Homeopathic HGH. Natural ways include proper diet, exercise and ideal sleeping pattern. Increasing HGH through proper diet is to avoid foods with high content of carbohydrates and soda which are the common foods identified as foods that alter the release of insulin.

Sufficient Nutrients

The body needs sufficient nutrients to grow. It specifically needs protein which gives the body the amino acids important for height growth. The body also needs calcium for strong and healthy bones. The foods rich in protein are fish, milk and vegetables. Calcium-rich foods include milk, yogurt, cheese and other dairy products.

Physical Activity

Try to observe athletes, like swimmers. You will see that most of them are tall. That is because they are exposed to physical activities most of the time. Or don’t you notice that most basketball players are tall especially those who have been playing basketball since their childhood?

Sports like swimming and basketball are considered height increasing exercises. If since childhood, you are active in physical activities, you have a chance to grow tall. But if you are an adult wanting to gain height, you may still grow several inches by exercising now.

There are specific exercises for height growth. These are exercises that meant to target the spine and the knees. Exercises that target the spine include various stretching exercises, hanging, body inversion and swimming. The goal is to stretch the spine and straighten it. The exercises that target the knees are sitting with weight on the ankle, kicking with weight on the ankle and cycling in a high seat. This time, the goal is to apply a healthy stress to the bone cartilages in the knees to help it remodel.

Adequate Rest

Study shows that unhealthy stress prevents people from growing in height. This is because when people are stressed, they tend to develop bad posture. Bad posture shrinks a person about six inches while good posture can increase a person’s height by how much it loses with bad posture. When we slouch, our spine is bent so you need to straighten it for height growth.

Adequate rest also gives us a positive feeling each day. We do not lose energy to exercise and to eat properly. Stress is also one of the causes of overeating.

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