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This is your number 1 resource if you go through life wishing you could increase your height naturally. Regardless of your age, you can grow taller naturally even after puberty! This site provides informative guidance and effective articles to help you on your journey to becoming taller.

As an introduction, we’ve compiled some practical tips that will help you to gain height, as well as the sense of self-confidence that comes along with being taller. If you’re past puberty and you want to grow taller, you need realistic, expert help to get the results that you’re looking for. If you want to get learn more indepth, take some time to browse this site!

Here are some easy, reliable ways to get taller fast:


StretchingKnowing how to grow taller gets easier when you understand the secrets of stretching. Stretching exercises elongate and tone your muscles, offering you a quick and free way to gain two to four inches in extra height. If this sort of height change is just what you’re looking for, you should explore stretching techniques that incorporate elements of yoga and/or Pilates. Any form of stretching exercise that assists with decompressing the spine and lengthening the hamstrings will work well.

There are plenty of ways to start stretching right in your own home. Simply stretch out your belly on a floor mat and then assume a yoga “downward facing dog” position. Hold the position for as long as you can. You may feel a little discomfort at first; warming up by touching your toes will help.

In fact, good, old-fashioned “touching your toes” exercises are also wonderful ways to open up your spine and tone and lengthen your muscles; you may touch your toes by crouching over from a standing position. You may also touch your toes by lying on a floor mat and then bending from the waist until your fingertips touch your toes.

Pilates exercises that use pulleys and other specialized equipment may also be useful; however, the cost of doing Pilates may be prohibitive to some people who wish to grow taller. As long as you know the basic stretching exercises and Yoga poses and you practice these exercises for at least half an hour daily, you will have discovered one of the central secrets of how to grow taller.

Results will vary, but many people do increase their height quickly when they become dedicated to stretching exercises. If you don’t see results immediately, don’t give up. Your body will need time to adjust to your new routine, and it will begin to change its form in time. If you have the patience to continue with stretching exercises over the long term, you may grow up to four inches in height over several months. Quick gains of an inch or so may be expected within a few weeks, as long as you spend enough time doing your new exercise routine.

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Work on Your Posture

Bad posture, such as slumping or walking with your head down, will make you look shorter than you really are. Sometimes, people with bad posture are not aware of the way that their bodies lose height when they don’t stand up straight.
Correct PostureIf you want to know how to grow taller, begin studying your own posture. Ask a friend to film you while you’re walking, hanging around, or even sitting down. Look for indications of poor posture, such as a slumped spine, a chin that is “tucked in” near the neck, and bent knees. If you’re too embarrassed to ask a friend to film you, look through old family videos, or take a gander through a family photo album. Also, try to remember if anyone has ever said you have bad posture, or told you to “stand up straight”.

If you do think you have poor posture, and that you may be robbing yourself of your true, natural height just due to the way that you move and stand, it’s time to take action. Classic ways to improve posture include walking around with a small pile of books on your head. Yes, you may feel silly, but the results will be worth it.

In no time at all, you’ll be standing straighter, even when the books are off. Expect a few mishaps as you learn to balance these literary tomes on your head. Over time, you will learn how to straighten and elongate your spine and neck, and this can make you taller in very short order. Bad posture may make a petite person look downright Lilliputian, so it is important to hold your body correctly at all times, and to keep up with good posture exercises.

Other ways to improve posture include back-strengthening exercises, such as those that ballet, jazz or modern dancers use to stay limber and look taller. Actually, the Yoga Downward Dog pose that we talked about earlier is one of the best posture exercises around, but there are plenty of other back exercises that result in a straighter spine and improved posture.

Another one to try is a basic back exercise that will give you great benefits. To attempt this easy, posture-building pose, lie down on your back and then bring your knees up to your chest area. This stretches out the bottom portion of your back. Hold the pose for half a minute, and repeat. Start small by doing a few repetitions of the exercise, and then build up to more repetitions as you begin to get stronger.

Over time, you’ll build strength, and you’ll really open up the spine, making it straighter…and making yourself taller.

Eat Properly

Proper EatingWithout correct nutrition, such as sufficient calcium for strong bones, it may be harder to get results from your posture and stretching exercises. You’ll also need lots of lean protein to build muscle and stay fit. Concentrate on a diet of fresh veggies, fresh fruit, whole grains, pure water, and legumes.

Don’t add too much fatty sauce (such as mayonnaise) to your foods. It’s a fact that thin people appear taller than fatter people, especially when these leaner people do stretching exercises. That’s why so many graceful dancers, who tone their bodies constantly, seem a lot taller than they really are. These dancers have maximized their height by stretching out their backs and hamstrings, and they’ve also learned the “optical illusion” of appearing taller by being thin.

If you need to lose weight, and you need to know how to grow taller, you should know that a low-fat, healthy diet that slims you down will work wonders, as long as you do your exercises as well. Actually, exercise and diet work perfectly together – when you do both, it’s easier to lose weight and it’s easier to look taller… and to be taller.

So, blending the right diet for weight loss with the right workouts will be your best recipe for success.

Fool the Eye with the Right Clothes and Hairstyle

While you’re working on your exercises and diet, there are a few clever ways to seem taller, just by dressing properly and doing your hair the right way. For example, if you currently sport a limp hairdo with very little volume at the crown, you’re actually flattening your body visually and making yourself look even shorter.

Man Look TallerBy lifting your hair at the roots and choosing a fuller hairstyle with lots of volume at the crown, you’ll gain height in an instant. There are plenty of hair products that add volume, so look for “volumizing” gels, mousses and sprays. Once you’ve found a good product, apply it to damp, freshly-washed hair, and then blow-dry your tresses upside down. This trick works for men or women. Blow-drying upside down lifts the hair at the roots, giving you fabulous volume that adds major height.

Women may even tease their hair with a rat-tail comb to get more glamorous volume that makes them seem taller. Basically, flat hair is a big mistake if you’d like to seem taller.

Dressing to look taller is an art form that many stylish people have discovered and used to its best advantage. For men or women, dressing in a monochrome palette is very elongating. For women, a simple dress in a dark color, plus matching tights and shoes, will visually lengthen the body. Of course, platform heels or classic high heels will also add instant height.

To avoid looking shorter, women should keep accessories to a minimum, as they interrupt the clean line that creates the optical illusion of being taller. Avoid belts, chunky necklaces, scarves, and long earrings. Just keep it dark, sleek and simple.

For men, dark dress pants in black, and a nice charcoal dress shirt, will keep the palette very monochrome and still work well for the office or a special date or family event. For casual wear, men may want to invest in some dark-rinse denim jeans that they may wear with navy-blue, black, or dark-green cotton t-shirts. Shoes should always match pants. Avoid bracelets, pendants, and chunky rings; all of these male jewelry items will break the clean line and make you seem shorter.

Use our Tips to Grow Taller Fast

Now that we’ve shared some practical tips on how to grow taller, it’s time for you to put them into action in your own life. The above tips are just an introduction and there are much more effective ways to increase your height.  Take some time to browse our site to find techniques suitable for your needs.

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